Artist Biography

Luz Valencia is a Venezuelan artist living and working in Barcelona, where she explores nature and her surroundings in order to create her work, she has participated in many group shows in the UK and around Europe and has had solo exhibitions in both Barcelona and Madrid.

She was invited to participate in the CAC-LAB at Centro de arte contemporáneo in Quito, where she was able to share her work experience with students and professionals during a seminar. She was given Honorable Mention for the 23e Premi Nacional Telax d’art contemporani i avantguardista at Galeria Antoni Pinyol in Reus in 2015, and her work has been selected and featured in Saatchi Screen at Saatchi Gallery in London. She was also selected to participate in Art Lover Ground | The International Art Event in Barcelona


Artist Statement


My work includes a variety of techniques from painting and drawing to installation. I use oil paints and mixed media on canvas and paper to create abstract and colorful pieces.

I like to play when I create my work and I am inspired by color, forms in nature, geometry, movement as well as classical music and Latin American traditions. Whilst creating I use mainly primary oil colors applied with palette knives on white backgrounds, these serve as empty scenery to allow colors to mix, interact and interconnect with each other. I also include repetitive drawing, lines, and geometric shapes in order to connect the outlines and discover forms and figures that often result in characters and creatures that form part of a complex landscape.

I use vibrant and dazzling colors that aims to communicate vitality. My pieces are often nonrepresentational, although some series of work include a more figurative style and more realistic elements.

I study movement, geometry and nature in order to create my work, I have created series of work inspired by surviving indigenous cultures around the world, I am currently working on a project that explores and studies the relationship between classical music composition pieces and painting techniques.

Contact: valenciazluz@gmail.com