E u p h o n y


Is a project that aims to explore the connection between painting, music and poetry.

The first series of work for this projects is called Sensemaya, it is a series of twelve small drawings , two large drawings and one large canvas.

The works are inspired by a symphonic poem written by the Mexican composer Silvestre Revueltas, which in turn is inspired by a poem by the Cuban poet Nicolas Guillem.

Both created in the 1930s. The poem and its chorus inspired Revueltas to create the composition.

The project begins to take shape with this classical music piece that combines both music and poetry and also mixes Latin American traditions, which in turn constantly influence my own spiritual and artistic search.

Whilst creating art I have experienced many sensations, thoughts and the feeling or deep awareness, I have always used classical music as a tool to concentrate whilst creating.

Discovering music is discovering a world of rhythms and mysterious sounds, and this often has an immediate effect. There are those who say that it feels relaxing or the complete opposite it might feel like a shoot of energy.

Creating art can also involve many different sensations, both phisically and mentally, and whilst painting music becomes a mantra that guides me visually and spiritually to understand and analyse sounds and to portray them by creating works that include color, movement. abstract forms, and geometric drawing.

There are also similarities in painting and music in its practical form, both can be studied by combining repetition and very precise and accurate techniques

Title: Ofrendas
Medium: Oil , watercolor and pencil on paper
Year: 2021
Title 1: Mayombe
Medium: Oil , watercolor and pencil on paper
Year: 2022
Title 2: Bombe
Medium: Oil , watercolor and pencil on paper
Year: 2022